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It’s weird that I’ve turned into a tax and spend democrat since I’m against what my tax money is spent on. Ive never liked war…allow me to take a real stand on war here. ;) ….its a failure of politics that spend the lives of people who just want to be of some service to society.

But I love plumbing and roads and electricity. and i keep thinking, maybe drone money will trickle down to education and clean water. I guess we all DO become more conservative as we age.

#toomuchtimeinanairport #nooneaskedme #theinternetaskedmebyexisting

Oh… For those who think the private sector should provide those things… I suggest you study the middle ages. I want a centralized government in charge of my community services like roads and plumbing. There’s still graft and cronyism, but there is also a social contract. Hence the creation of government. Anarchy wasn’t good for “regular joes.”

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  1. andryushacx said: All those things you listed can be provided by the private sector. The only reason they’re not is because the government holds a monopoly in such services and convinces people they’re the only ones who can provide it.
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