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The first time I flew I was 19 years old and I was going to NYC. It was back in the 80’s when they still fed you. They ran out of breakfast right when they got to me. The woman next to me said, “this is your first time flying? You can have my breakfast.” then she asked the stewardess if she could have tiny bottles of booze instead.

Heh. It worked. She got a couple tiny bottles. I ate the, not good, meal and remember thinking…”I could have had free booze at 9am instead?” I had only been drinking for about a year but I might have been born crazy about booze.

More on that trip for no reason: the stewardess let me come up to first class while we landed bc there was a window I could see the statue of liberty (being renovated so covered with scaffolding…I remember thinking “caged liberty.” oh, to be 19. It was also the 80’s and how much I loathed Ronald Reagan.

I landed in Newark, took a bus, then a train up to Morningside Park (which was monumentally unsafe at the time. I was apt sitting and the note left by my sister’s friend was written, all caps, underlined, DO NOT GO INTO THE PARK).

That trip was great. I heart NYC. Looking for a Joust game in Times Square in places that advertised “Video Games” heh… Not to be found.

Oh I was a mess but it’s good to travel. Learn stuff. xo, Jackie in the sky

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