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Okay, so Conan folk listed, what I call, my “curio shelf” joke as a joke about ‘marry a nerd because they won’t cheat on you.’ 

I’m talking to Andy and our friend Lee… and I say, “they keep saying that’s what the joke is but: when I WROTE IT, it was about how, if you marry THAT GUY, you have someone to play with.” Andy says, “everyone else gets the joke as a non-sleeping-around reference. You just make it your own with the curio shelf line.” 

I said, to Andy, “I guess I really don’t get this relationship stuff.” He almost fell off his chair, laughing. Later he said, “you just make everything sweet and much simpler.” I guess. I just want someone to hang out with and play games and stuff. I figured the “HEY… don’t sleep around was a GIVEN in a committed monogamous relationship.” 

So far, so good. xo, jk

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  1. ryderscrusade said: besides the sharks can’t swim backwards joke you reference about Andy on the nerdist episode, the curio shelf line is my favorite in your act
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