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I get this email every couple months. kewl.

"…it dawned on me that you were the woman I saw on an episode of Comedy Central Presents. …you were the woman that got on national television in 2003 and told a joke about Final Fantasy Legend. I played that game for hours and hours when I was 5 years old. Think of the attention span a young, nerdy brain has for video games. I devoted all of it to FF Legend. Climbing that epic tower and rebelling against God for being such an asshole was forever etched into my brain as a child.

That experience was never shared with anyone before you told that joke. …That joke, for me, was hilarious and nostalgic and even validating in a lot of ways. It basically blew my mind at the time. I say this with the utmost sincerity: Thank you for that joke.”

I love this email. I get it, via email and guys coming up to me after shows, a few times a year. It’s great. Makes me want to play MineCraft and write something. But, dude, it wouldn’t be organic… so maybe not ;) 

The Dork Forest



The Podcast is out! The Dork Forest hosted by Jackie Kashian has plopped for the week and features an enthusiastic endorsement of Firebird Jim right in the intro. The premise of the podcast involves guest/s (often comedians) discussing their biggest obsession with Jackie and the listeners. This…

I read this and it’s dark and fun! (on my kindle app on my phone, but you can read it on yer computer, nook, kindle… any machine. 

comic book store today

It’s been a couple weeks so I thought I’d let you in on what we’ll be catching up on. This is not comprehensive as different titles come out staccato-like, and I only do THIS once in a while. But these are all so good :) 

Xmen by Wood, Dodson Dodson & Keith
Nova by Duggan Medina Vlasco & Curiel
Gaurdians of the Galaxy by Bendis Maguire & Ponsor
Black Widow by Edmondson & Noto
Daredevil by Waid Samnee & Rodriguez
The Superior Spider-Man by Slott Gage Ramos Olazaba & Delgado
Thor God of Thunder by Aaron Garney Lupacchino & Svorcina
X-Factor by David Di Gianomenico & Loughridge
Captain America by Remender Pacheco Taibo & Rosenberg
Hawkeye by Fraction Wu & Hollingsworth
Iron Man by Gillen Padilla Hanna Guru
Seekers of the Weird by Seifert Monline & Beaulieu

Huntress & Power Girl by Levitz Silva Weems & Winn
Animal Man by Lemire & Albuquerque
Astro City by Busiek Anderson & Ross
Unwritten by Carey & Gross

Pertty Deadly by Deconnic Rios Bellaire & Cowles
Sattellite Sam by Fraction & Chaykin
Velvet by Brubaker  & Epting
Chew by Layman & Guillory
Alex & Ada by Luna & Vaughn

Afterlife with Archie by Auirre-Sacarsa  Francavilla & Morelli
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth by Mignola Arcudi Harren & Stewart

Zinc- Baltimore so great! Steve - we are totally reading that!

January, TDF, NYC is expensive

If yer gonna do it, now’s a good time.

I was just about to post this (NYC is freaking expensive) and got a pre-emptive donation and note, “here’s to the dorkie goodness, wow spellcheck suggests darkie for dorkie. thx for the fun, k”

It’s January, donate to the dorky goodness! $100 a year is easy enough, $8 a month is the breakdown. I have not made THAT easy for you at but I believe in you.

Then I thought: What the hell, it’s just a pronoun. My daughter wants Bilbo to be a girl, so a girl she will be. And you know what? The switch was easy. Bilbo, it turns out, makes a terrific heroine. She’s tough, resourceful, humble, funny, and uses her wits to make off with a spectacular piece of jewelry. Perhaps most importantly, she never makes an issue of her gender—and neither does anyone else.

One Weird Old Trick to Undermine the Patriarchy : The Last Word On Nothing (via leahj)


(via somedaysomeway)

FAVORITE EPS OF TDF! *theyareallfun

The Votes are IN! Or the voting is OVER… whatever you want to call it.
The Dork Forest… go to iTunes or for more info, donation button (HELLO!) and some notes on each episode I had time to do notes on.

It was so close you guys. And you can cherry pick YOUR dorkdom or YOUR fave comic by googling “Dork Forest” and the “Name” of your crush or dorkdom.


1.   EP 172 Janeane Garofalo, Maria Bamford discuss BEADS!
2.   EP 177 Greg Proops on Ancient History (his baseball ep is great too!)
3.   EP 198 Dork Panel with Karen Kilgariff, Bamford, Murray Valeriano & Dave Anthony
4.   EP 151 Craig Shoemaker enjoys The Wizard of Oz
5.   EP 199 Michelle McNamara still likes True Crime (2 other eps on this. so great)
6.   EP 189 Moshe Kasher knows some Religion talk
7.   EP 150 Gina Yashere loves ghosts and KNOWS about elevators8.
8.   EP 207 Matt Mira talks about his surrogate father, James Bond
9.   EP 203 Ryan Stout fascinates on Traffic Court
10. EP 167 David Huntsberger knows Horses.

Here’s TEN eps where I couldn’t get people to cleanly STOP talking about their dorkdom. Perhaps this is the dorkdom you’ve been waiting for.

EP 200 Andy Peters & Mike Schmidt on Wrestling almost 2 hours
EP 168 Jake Johannsen on JAZZFEST in New Orleans
EP 159 Scott Rogers on Disneyland
EP 202 Matt Weinhold, Shawn Sheridan & Dana Gould on MONSTERS
EP 190 Cameron Esposito on TV/Movie portrayals of Lesbians. So great.
EP 157 Mark Anderson/Melora Creager on SHAKESPEARE.or… the Earl of Oxford?
EP 165 Felicia Michaels on collecting Lunch Boxes
EP 164 Diva Zappa on Knitting.
EP 195  Robert Hurt on SPACE. Cuz he works for CalTech/JPL/NASA
EP 183 James P. Connolly on ELVIS

Now I just want you to listen to them all. Here are eps that I didn’t KNOW were going to be awesome. Music eps scare me a bit. No offense to anyone’s dorkdom. #safespace

EP 188 Kurt Braunholer on Psychogeography.
EP 188 Fred Armisen on Paul McCartney
EP 191 Fielding Edlow on STICKERS
EP 193 Bradie Posey on SKA MUSIC (first “type of music ep” I “got”)
EP 176 Tracey Ashley on the one video game. The Sims.
EP 204  Rhiannon Archer on stuffed animal Taxidermy.

and the last two eps that got to be voted on didn’t get their due. Brandi Brown could have talked forever about MANY things and Leann Olsen got cut off about Doctor Who. Clearly more Doctor Who dorks are needed and Leann to come back. Go to her website and check out how her dorkdom manifests… heh.

I really love doing TDF and I’m glad you guys like it and I’m looking forward to another year of listenin and larnin whatever people are into.

NY PODFEST Jan 11 with Judah Friedlander
SF SKETCHFEST guest tba Jan 30th, guest tba

Next episode to drop STILL HAS DECEMBER INTRO ON IT :) is a skype interview with Professor Corey Olsen, the TOLKIENPROF. We talk The Hobbit. So fun.

Anyway. There you go. See you out there! I’m in Austin, TX doing Cap City all weekend if you want to come to that!

This Is New

So I got an email from a booker, who also does comedy, today:
“Hey Jackie, I took your joke off that website. Wrote something that works for me so I took years off. I just thought I would give you an update because I didn’t not like using other people’s material without prior permission. Anyways, happy new year and I hope all is well. Sent from a stolen phone”

I emailed him back…what?

See, I didn’t know that he was using one of my jokes for anything…I think someone must have recognized it and he was afraid I would hear about it from another person so thought he’d clean slate it.

It turns out that he was using a really old joke of mine for his Book-A-Comic-ForYourCorporate Website.

The joke was the bidness line my dad “said.” It’s the “give a man a fish…” line.

I didn’t know whether to tell this story… But it’s weird, right? And funny that his sig line is “stolen phone.” I don’t think he was ever going to book me again anyway, he hasn’t for over three years. But I usually like to keep a line open. I’ve accidentally said other peoples jokes then called and admitted it. And vicey versy. Gotten calls from comics saying, “it just came out, I’m sorry.” And I did it just two years ago w a Laurie kilmartin joke…said her punchline, then said to the audience, “you really want to hear that joke done right, see Laurie Kilmartin.”

Now, it’s good he took it down and admitted that he was using it. But he had the weirdo guts to ask, now…after… If he COULD use the joke for the website. But with a “credit.” Wow. No.

He didn’t offer ME work. He didn’t offer to buy or pay me for the joke for future use. Or offer to pay me for past use. Which, if he did, I’d feel obligated to give the money to the friend who wrote that bc he heard my dad’s voice in it. (Side note; my father thinks he DID say that. That’s how good that joke is:)). I haven’t had anyone steal a joke, then confess and stop, then ask if they could use it anyway. Gutsy stuff. Hellova an ego to just go for it. Good grief.

What Were Your Favorite Episodes of The Dork Forest in 2013 Survey

Okay… You can vote for as many of the shows as you liked this year. The survey is just set up by months because… it was the template. Vote for the shows you liked. I use the “data” (why “”? it IS data) to recommend shows for noobs! So vote early. vote often. Another 4 days I say to vote. 

Day 6 Standings: 

1. Proops - Ancient History
2. Janeane/Bamford - Beading/SuzeOrman
3. Live Podfest w Kilgariff/Bamford/Anthony/Valeriano - Salad
4. Moshe Kasher - Religion
5. Michelle McNamara - True Crime
6. Ryan Stout - Traffic Court

Others doing GREAT:
Gina Yashere - Ghosts/Elevators
Craig Shoemaker - Wizard of Oz
Matt Mira - James Bond
David Huntsberger - Horses
Andy Peters/Mike Schmidt - Wrestling
Cameron Esposito - Lesbians
Matt Weinhold/Dana Gould/ Shawn Sheridan - Halloween

Comments made in the last two days:

*Shoemaker never disappoints!
*That Toronto show was GREAT.
*Any discussion that leads people to Shakespeare is a winner!

*Deb & Sean: what’s better than stationery, pens, and books? Live Panel: Because listening to Sue more than holding her own against the Augie & TJ onslaught made me smile all day. “F*** you hahdah” has become my end-of-my-tether go-to insult

*Horses love David Huntsberger!

*It’s Janeane - she’s the perfect embodiment of smart and funny.

*I love me some Janeane Garafolo!.

*Huber Beer! (Kojis ep)

*He’s so educated about everything but still manages to make it hilarious! (Proops)
*Because the image of Maria playing for the Packers made me burst out laughing so hard I scared the neighbor’s arthritic corgi; and because I bet Janeane would like to be Suze Orman. Because Greg is always more interesting than pretty much anyone else— although this episode didn’t have enough baseball.

*Greg is always a favorite!
*I also enjoy the works of Paul McCartney!
*Wood panel Oldsmobile station wagons! I can say no more. No, wait, I can: Old Tim-Dog, and that tool bag of a human being.

*The TiVo episode was awesome because Jackie learning stuff is so much fun.

*LOVED Kelly Anneken. Whenever Michelle McNamara’s on I have to listen to ALL of her DF episodes. 

*I always enjoy a good discussion of lesbians!
*Maria is everyone’s favorite— everyone who isn’t a tool bag like Paul, that is. Listening to Michelle talk unsolved crime is fascinating, and makes me want her to succeed in solving the EARONS case more than anything.

*The Cameron Esposito was one of my all time favs - true passion for something so specific = definition of dorkdom

*Always love Michelle

*Two words: Dana Gould!
*Leann is the greatest and anyone who meets her and doesn’t lover her is a dick!

*Mike & Andy: Because up to 90 seconds into this podcast I could not have cared less about wrestling, and now I’m hoping there’ll be many, many more wrestling episodes with these two. Leann is awesome, and we definitely need to spend some more time with her!

*Too many good shows to choose from. Keep up the good work! Hoping to donate more in ‘14.

I did NOT make that last one up. Promise :) 

Vote for your Favorite episodes of TDF 2013

Remember, you can vote for AS Many eps per question as you wish. It’s a free survey format, I just needed to put all the eps in the survey.

This is for fun, this voting biz…but I DO use it for people just starting to listen, “hey, these were earlier year’s most popular eps, try these if you like.” (Like, here’s the “best of 2012” list

Day 4 of voting and the standings are at:

Greg Proops
Craig Shoemaker
Gina Yashere
Ryan Stout
Michelle McNamara
Live at Podfest LA w Bamford/Kilgariff/Valeriano/Anthony
Matt Mira
Moshe Kasher
David Huntsberger

Also showing well are the next ten, pretty close:
Scott Rogers
Cameron Esposito
Andy Peters/Mike Schmidt
Jake Johannson
Felicia Michaels
Diva Zappa
Dana Gould/Matt Weinhold/Shawn Sheridan
Robert Hurt
Leann Olsen!

So… Vote now, vote often :)

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